Sculptured Acrylic FAQ

I have short, bitten nails, can I still get my nails done?

Absolutely yes! We have had many clients come to me purely just to try and help their naughty habit of bitting their nails, and to be honest these are one of my favourite kind of clients to bring on. We always suggest starting short to allow your nails to grow and strengthen, then can start with the super fun stuff like extending them if you like and adding all the fun stuff.

Is it possible to get vegan acrylic nails?

You're in luck, because we only use vegan friendly products!

How long will my nails last?

This will always come down to how you as the client look after your nails once you leave the salon. We suggest refills every 3-4 weeks, if they're left any longer they will be more prone to lifting and breaking as the enhancement grows out, although there have been clients that come back after 6 weeks with all nails still on *highly not recommended*. 

Is that a sticker or did you paint that?

Allllll of our nail art is hand painted girl! We love hand painting so much, I could sit there for hours. Please keep in mind through if you're wanting a super detailed hand painted set, that will need to be booked in advanced so we can plan it out and I have enough time to create. 

Will acrylics damage my nails?

The short answer is, no. But here are some factors which have created the stigma around acrylic nails and them being harmful for your nails:
- The tech is not trained/using the e-file (electric file or hand file properly. Overuse of a file will lead to burn lines, thinning of the natural nails, and in some cases damage right down to the nail bed. Ouch!
- You have done the big NO NO and ripped your nail enhancement off instead of it being safely soaked off.
- The nail tech is using MMA acrylic. There are 2 different types of acrylic, EMA (Ethyl methacrylate, safest form of acrylic & what I use) and MMA (Methyl methacrylate, the practically poison of acrylics).

What is the difference between EMA and MMA acrylic?

The most safe form of acrylic is EMA (ethyl methacrylate) and is one of the most studied monomers on earth. Which is exactly what we use here at She Got Nailed.
It is used in some household cleaners and even plastics that are implanted into the body. EMA can be soaked off in 20-30 mins, and does not need an abrasive surface to stick to like MMA.
MMA (Methyl methacrylate) is a substance that is used in the dental industry due to the strength of it once solid. It can cause infection, contact dermatitis, skin redness, dizziness  swelling, itching, trembling of hands and even nail loss. MMA needs a very rough service to adhere.

How to know if a salon is using MMA based product?

- The price of service, MMA is about the 3rd of the price of EMA.
- There is a fruity chemical odour. 
- The nail products have been decanted into other dishes which don't have the ingredients label on there. If you're unsure, always ask!
- There is swelling or redness around your nails or finger tips.


What is BIAB?

BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle and is a gel product. This is by the brand The Gel Bottle and the perfect option for those wanting grow out and strengthen their natural nails. Think gel polish but thicker consistency thats buildable. 

Is this strong like acrylic?

This product will absolutely give you similar strength to what acrylic would give you, however it is definitely a more flexible product. No, that doesn't mean it will bend before you eyes, but what this does mean is that when you accidentally knock a nail, it has a shock absorbency almost which allows for the most amazing retention!

How often should I get a refill?

Refills are still recommended every 3-4 weeks, this product also requires the same aftercares as your acrylic enhancements would.

Can I get extensions with BIAB?

Yes, you can. However only slightly. Due to this being more of a flexible product you're unable to extend super long, .5cm max.

Online Orders FAQ 


Please allow 3 days for the creating of your order.


All orders are final, once you have purchased your custom press ons AND/OR cuticle oil we are unable to make changes or cancel your order. Press ons are custom made to order therefore may not be refunded or returned.

Can I cancel my order?

No, you are unfortunately not able to cancel your order.